The Myth Of Love

Hello my fellow MGTOW brothers, MGTOW Anchor here, and today I would like to talk about a sensitive topic today, love. For many blue pillers out there, they believe that the NAWALT unicorn exists… If only these men would grow up and see reality like any MGTOW would. I’ll be explaining to you blue pillers and non blue pillers why romantic love is an illusion.

Women’s true nature

Most men that walk through life aren’t aware of a women’s true nature, A.K.A biology. A Women’s biological nature is to find a strong man that can provide for her. Doesn’t strong man ring any bells to any of you? Wait, you still don’t know? Two words: BAD BOY. Are you one of those men that still doesn’t understand why women choose bad boys over nice boys? Consider the following: Bad boys are linked to strength, aggression and indifference. Such traits turn woman on. But why? Well, strength is linked to being able to protect her, aggression is linked to not being controllable(Alpha), so basically she sees the alpha as a worthy leader, and indifference is linked to her being lucky to have the bad boy, because he could’ve chosen any other chick. Hopefully now you understand why women bang tattooed men.

So where does this leave a blue piller nice guy? Well, he’s left in the dark and brainwashed by society to be of service to women, when in reality it should be the reverse. It’s no surprise nice loving men are walked all over by feminists and looked down upon by society. Good loving men are treated like a joke and that’s what makes me sick.


Women do NOT love men. They love what men CAN do for them. Most women are parasites that latch onto a man to drain him of resources. That includes money and anything that has good value. They can go so far to the point that they will begin to steal from you when you aren’t looking. That’s something that happened to my brother. And, he wasn’t married yet… 

But love

What love? Did you know that love feeling is just nature trying to trick you into reproduction? Did you know that feeling called love is actually a chemical that is being produced in your brain called Phenol ethyl a mine. Emotions these days mean nothing to women, only your wallet is of Importance.

Most men I’ve seen married are miserable. If women and men were the same, marriage would be a paradise for both of them, but it’s clear that men and women have always walked different paths. It’s no surprise the path of MGTOW and Herbivore men exists in our world. What about the term NAWALT you ask? ROFL! Keep in mind… Women are masters at manipulation and deception. Don’t be fooled, they are trying to ACT like NAWALTS. Do not be fooled by anything of them such as anti feminists, conservative women and ect. All they want is your attention and false hope. They want their daughters to one day marry, that’s what they’re concerned about. They KNOW men are opting out in bigger numbers than before, that’s why they’re acting like anti feminists. 

I’ve always considered myself a born MGTOW. Anyway, thank you for your time men, blue pillers and perhaps…. Women as well..

Peace my MGTOW brothers.


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